Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Quick review of Isle of Blood

My cousin and I broke out his IoB box today. I should note, neither one of us have ever played Fantasy before. We've read rules, watched instructional youtube videos (which were all 7th) but never actually played.

So after a tedious hour or two assembling the models, we wanted to try out a game with the stuff that came in the box.

And here is were we hit a wall.

There is no information in the IoB box that explains how to use the models in the box. There is no listing of wargear, there is no instructions for the engineer's pistol or weapons teams, and the stats in the back of the rulebook are incomplete. It was incredibly frustrating.

The only way we could actually play was load up army builder and generate armies and lists from what models were there. Still didn't get info on the pistol, though. If you know the rules, are playing either army, this box is amazing.

The models are great though, especially the griffon. I already have a sizable VC army to assemble, and would probably go with High elves if I was buying an army.

We did a few minor wargear changes (like giving the prince dragon armor). I went with lore of life on the HE mage, and rolled a 5...exactly what I wanted. Turned out to be the game changer too as my spearmen were being whittled down, but I raised 2 back up and the extra attacks turned a combat and I ran down a unit of clan rats. After that it was just a mop up.

I did enjoy it, but I am not clear on one thing. When declaring a charge, we assumed because of the free 90 degree wheel you can declare against anything within that 180 degree arc. I'm not sure that is correct.

Anyway overall ratings:
Contents: 5 stars
As a standalone starter game: 1 star.

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