Thursday, September 23, 2010

When stuff works right..

2000pts Tau vs IG

Another crushing victory for the Tau. Everything worked exactly as I would have liked. I'm having a lot of fun playing the Farsight hammer unit, it is a huge fire magnet which gives my broadsides a chance to deal some pain. If only I could take more then one unit and Farsight at the same time.

Pathfinders have been amazing, the marker lights have helped so much killing the easy cover save or increasing my BS. I'm thinking about dropping the rail rifles though and just going with 6 markerlights.

The real tank killing champs though are the Broadsides. I love this unit, they are probably the best thing in the Tau codex given the state of 5th edition. I'd like to try dropping farsight and going 9 of them, but I only have 4 and no way am I spending money on Tau until the next codex.

So what was so good? First the plethora of gun drones sucking up battle cannon and meltagun hits. Second, every suit with a 4+ invul and full wound allocation is almost impossible to kill. Then I get to shoot every suit at a different target if I wish. Lastly if I get near anything short of high-end assault units, Farsight will cut you apart.

This was also the first time my firewarriors really did anything, using 2 marker lights to give them BS2 double-tapping at guardsmen out in the open. 2's to hit, 2's to kill. Loved it. 20 shots, 15 dead.

I have a make-up game to get in, plus 1 final game. Then the Tau go back on the shelf until the rumored summer '11 codex release.

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