Monday, October 11, 2010

Starting to ramp up the painting again..

Ever since OFCC finished, I've been spending less time on the hobby side. Burnout after killing myself for a year on Blood Angels, combined with both kids in school for the first time sucked my time and energy.

It turns out, I missed it. I like getting things done. The last week has seen me ramp up the time spent painting. There is one thing that is an absolute fact:

if you paint, models will get finished!

Shipped off the charity land speeder, traded 20 boys plus some bits for a box of tactical marines to build a couple MSU assault squad from, and sold the LRC which I don't see me using any more. I just need to pickup 4 plasma guns for razorback turrets.

Finished the next 8 boys for my 2nd shootaboy squad, bringing the total to 20. Finished 2 Deathskull kans.

My 3rd Goff kan is being down for a how-to video, so it will take more time. The last kan, the partner to the 2 deathskulls, will be a bloodaxe. Just have to decide what cammo pattern I'm going to use.

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