Saturday, December 11, 2010

Objective markers done

Finished all my objective markers. Very simple, just some boltgun then stipple on Vermin Brown, Dark Flesh and Blazing Orange for rust and a wash of Devlan Mud.

Finished the 2010 Freebootaz painting challenge with all gold. Next year won't be as easy because I'll be doing a lot of fantasy models.

Also finished the last of the boys for my 2nd shoota squad. I really don't have any boys left to paint unless/until I redo my stormboyz. I've got other projects in the way though. I will probably do rockets for my original shoota boys squad soonish.

That's it for now! Next project is finishing my Blood Angels (Until I get a Stormraven) followed by the battlewagon.


  1. Who are these Gork and Mork fellas anyhow?

    Like the markers. What do you transport them in, they seem a little awkward, or are they slightly smaller than they first appear?

  2. They are on 40mm bases, so a good size for objective markers.