Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hobby update

Hobby stuff is kinda slow right now. After so much effort to get ready for OFCC fantasy it's nice just to leisurely decide what to work on.

I had 19 Orcs and Goblins models left to paint, and I've been kinda working on them. The 5 Night Goblins archers are done (need varnish and flock) and I'm working on the goblin shaman. It's from the Arachnarok kit. After these I have 10 more Boys with HW/Shield, a warboss on boar, a spider rider musician and Grimgor.  I wouldn't mind busting out these guys just to get them done, but no hurry what so ever!

In the next couple days I need to get started on the final highlights on my Stormraven for OFCC 40k which is first weekend in August.

I also assembled the Venom I'm donating for Toys for Tots this year. I wanted to do more but money is so tight right now.  Did I mention I accept commissions? :)  This will probably be my August challenge model.  Should be fun, doing something I've not done before.

I have so much to do, but I've been busy the last week doing almost nothing hobby-wise. And enjoying it. I finally got around to working on my computer, putting in a new CPU (well, new to me) and installing Vista so I can fully utilize my DX10 card (I told you, I'm poor!).  It's great being able to play games again, with no DX9 resource crashes.  Man, I love Vista. My favorite o/s ever.

If you play Need for Speed World look me up,  Sorien in-game.

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