Saturday, January 3, 2015

Showcase: Blood Angels Tactical Squad

It took me a long time but I finally finished the whole unit tonight. Glad to have it done. The way I paint my Blood Angels is time consuming and tedious.  But it's the way I did the whole army so I can't change it now.

I would still like a unit of Sternguard and probably 2 more drop pods to go with the army. Maybe a unit of Grav Gun bikes, but that's a lot of money and a lot of work.

Of course the unit is magnetized, with a lot of options. Usually this unit will go flamer/combi-flamer/heavy flamer.  Pretty potent.

Anyway, pics.

Also have melta and combi-melta options.

Power sword and bolt pistol. Maybe a power axe someday as well.

and lastly the finecast heavy flamer.

I don't have a lot to paint at all right now, but I will probably tackle the Death Company next including pulling off the backpacks and magnetizing the jump packs.  I should have waited for the new codex!  But to be honest I have had these guys built and primed for months.

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