Monday, June 25, 2012

The biggest change in 6th.

What is it?

Why of course the adding of the 3rd dimension.  Flyers. Flying monsters.  That can't assault or be assaulted by ground units.  

I read about having to get monstrous flyers to crash before you can assault them. Love it.  Flyers zooming around the board, but with only 4x6 they will be on and off the board during the game - limiting their availability. Sure they will be more survivable needing 6's to hit and getting a 5+ cover but will only be on the table for half the game or less.

What really is interesting is the idea of shooting the monstrous flyers out of the sky before you can assault them.  I can't wait to read how this works!  Should be a very fun and cinematic (ya I know that word is overused) game mechanic.

I just hope GW has a decent set of z-axis rules.  Actually I'm just hoping 6th is a solid set of rules in general. I know GW does not have such a history, but with competition growing maybe they can grow a little bit..

Tau Barracuda: coming to a tabletop near you soon I hope!

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