Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Orks and Tau allies - revisit

OK fine, so I can't 9 broadsides. Only 3.  So time to revisit the list and see what I can do.

HQ: Big Mek, KFF, cybork, bosspole (100)
Troop: 30 Shootas (rokkits, nob) (250)
Troop: 30 Shootas (rokkits, nob) (250)
Troop: 30 Sluggas (Nob) 220

Elite: 15 Lootas (225)
Elite: 15 Lootas (225)
Elite: 12 Kommandos, 1x burna + Snikrot (220)

HQ: Shas'o, HW Drone controller, Target lock, TL Missile pods, HW blacksun
2x Shield drones (106)

Troop: 10 Firewarriors (120)

Heavy: 3x Broadsides (A.S.S., Team Leader, HW drone, HW target lock, HW blacksun, 2x shield drones) (283)


The firewarriors basically replace the Grots in my current list, and the broadsides replace the big guns.  I loose the punch of Ghazzy, but I could still drop a unit of boys for him. Or Mad Doc. Now that mad doc is coming in finecast I am going to pick one up for darn sure.

The blacksuns will of course help mitigate the insane amount of night fighting that will be in 6th. Plus being able to move the Lootas and still shoot will help there as well.  The sluggas will continue to be the screening unit and the shootas will be ready to overwatch whatever comes their way.

I've already been known to shoot GK off the table.  Now I can just do it even better.

I also might end up dropping the A.S.S depending on how the new relentless rules work.

6th edition will throw 40k on it's side. Allies will really mean you don't know what you will be facing, at all.

My other idea is to put together a Lord Commissar and a 50-man platoon to go with my Blood Angels.  50 guardsmen with stealth, stubborn, fnp and being able to move and shoot plasma at range? Yes, please.

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