Saturday, June 30, 2012

6th edition FAQ's up, and Vampire Counts?

The 6th edition FAQ's are now available.  My take on the Orks:

Not bad. Still confused on how Profit of the Waggh! works now, but I guess I actually need the rulebook, eh?

So while waiting on the FAQ to post I dug out some Vampire Counts to work on. Betcha forgot I have a good-sized VC army?  I spent a lot on it when the book dropped, so I have a lot in boxes. Still need 1-2 boxes of the monstrous infantry guys and a mortis engine.

I might try to get a 1500pt game in tomorrow. I put together 5 hexwraiths and my finecast Varghulf.  I remembered how much I do love the finecast material, it's so easy to work with.

I really wanted to get the hexwraiths out of the way so I can try to put the plastic black knight riders on the old plastic horses. I hate the metal hybrid black knights. I'll give that  go later.

For now, bedtime and then a run to get my book!

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