Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nerfhammer #2 - Now this is just getting rediculous..

Now guess what? Pics are out of the psychic abilites. And guess what? there is one that removes fucking fearless!

Not only is "Terrify" a level 1 spell, removes fearless but also causes fear tests and an immediate pinning test!

Oh, ya, we get an amazing 6+ save against. it. Big. Fucking. Deal. Did I mention Primaris Psychers can get it? So now you can combine Terrify with...weaken resolve!  yep nothing like having a 30 boy unit pinned for the whole game or worse yet, lose just 8 models and run off the table!

Before you say "ya but.." don't forget ally rules..there will be lots of psychers everywhere.

What are Orks claim to fame? Furious charge and fearless. Now both are seriously weakened, and combined with the lack of inherent psychic defense means Orks will have to ally with a psycher to even have a chance.

Oh, ya, and weirdboys don't get any of the new power on top of all of it...

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