Friday, June 29, 2012

6th edition eve!

Tomorrow is the big day!  I have my book on pre-order hopefully I'll get my paycheck today so I can get it, otherwise I'll have to wait until Monday.

Summery of released information from an Ork perspective:

Furious charge is getting a serious nerf. first no initiative boost at all, and if you multi-assault then you don't gain any benefit from it period. So no more assaulting multiple rhinos or chimeras. might mean taking stikkbombz a good idea so you can get that S4 no matter what, depends on the grenade rules though.

The psychic power "terrify" removes fearless from a unit. Could be potentially bad.

Snapfire though is going to make lootas and shootas absolutely insane. No, worse then that. Really, really f*&^ing insane.

No more wound allocation takes nobs down a notch, but then makes paladins easier as well

Our vehicles won't gain or lose much at all. If anything they will be easier to destroy with the KFF dropping to 5+

Stormboyz might be worth trying out with their I10 "impact" hit and their max 30" assault range.

Wierdboys boost the psychic defense roll. So in 2k when you can take 2 force orgs getting one in a key unit might not be a bad idea.

Really sucks no access to new powers

Allies will be fun. I would love to add 3 broadsides to my 30 lootas.

Biggest change by far is the end of No Retreat! That alone makes up for any other shortcomings.

Power weapons = Ap3 = MEGANOBZ RULE! Come here, DCA :)

I think any form of Mechanized army will suffer from how much easier vehicles will be to wreck.

However foot horde shooty armies are going to get a good boost. Not like they really needed it.

Remaining questions:
How will Prophet of the Waaggh! interact with new fleet rule
Will Ambush! still be able to bring an IC along

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