Wednesday, June 6, 2012

4th Orks vs 3rd Orks?

After watching a recent BoLS batrep on the current vs last version of the Tyrannid codex, I thought it might be fun to try that with Orks. So I got out my 3rd edition codex.

Then I read it.

I don't think the previous edition codex would stand a chance against the current one.  There are somethings in there that might give the new dex a run, but overall everything is more expensive.  There are a few stand out points that I do miss, however.

-Tankbustas, burnas, lootas as troops
-The Trukk was actually cheaper ?!?!
-Warbikes were fearless (yes I've harped on this time and time again)
-Burnas available in multiple squads
-Old burnas  (2d6 armor pen)
-Skarboys!  Oh man do I miss skarboys!
-Iron Gobs/Big Horns.  Would love LD8/10 back.
-Wider range of HQ choices.
-Being able to loot actual imperial vehicles.
-Nazdreg! (BS4 4-shot plasma!)
-Auto hitting zzap guns.

And then of course, the bad things:
-Shootas are rapid fire
-Boys much more expensive
-Trukk boys separate entry and fast attack
-Stormboys more expensive
-Limited number of burnas in burna unit, limited rokkits in tankbustas
-Old burnas (not a power weapon)
-KFF effects models, not units.

The real difference though is what was added more then what was change.  The obvious thing is Lootas.  Lootas really make the dex so much better overall it isn't funny.  Having trukk boys as troops, the burna/tankbusta units so much better, etc. 

So if I find someone to play against I might still scrap together a list.

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