Wednesday, May 21, 2014

So the 7th edition Allies matrix has been spoiled..oh where art thou?

Oh man the impending Ork book better be good considering how much they get screwed in the allies matrix. And snap shots.

The only Allies of Convenience is Chaos Space Marines - which, honestly, I've wanted to build a detachment of them forever anyway.  Glad I didn't spend any real money on a Blood-Axe painted Tau detachment..well I actually have not spent any considering the 12 Firewarriors I do have i bummed off my cousin..

So the question will stick with me a I build a "normal" CSM detachment or an "Orkified" CSM detachment..

The other thing that really hurts is the rumor that snapshots will be -2 BS.  Hopefully that does NOT mean Orks can no longer snapshot at all being BS0...

And lastly is maintaining Eldar and DE as battle brothers.  Seer Council is a LOT less scary without the Baron attached..

Anyway only a week an a half before 7th hits. I will of course sacrifice food for a week to buy the books and dive right in!

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