Monday, May 26, 2014

7th edition op ed: scoring units.

So what's the big deal? Well, unlike every other edition of the game I've played, vehicles can be scoring in 7th.  There is no longer said restriction.  In fact, the only restrictions on scoring is a zooming flyer/FMC, a unit falling back, a rule that specifically says otherwise (aka Death Company) or an unoccupied building. That's it. Also notice the swarm rule isn't a restriction anymore either.

Such a complete swing from 5th/6th editions.  A complete 180 from what we've been doing for what..6 years now?

On the flip side I do really like the Objective Secured rule as a great, tactical complement to the opening up of scoring units. It still gives the troop slot a special place on the battlefield.

That being said, you will still see an almost instant reduction in the troop slot in 7th, leaving more points for more deadly units.  Unless, you're an Ork player where the troop slot is your best slot!

Armies like Seer Council were already very light on troops, but now they will be even more so, and without any real penalty for doing so. I mean it's not hard to contest an objective controlled by 3 jetbikes.

White Scars though is almost entirely troops as it is, so they will only gain in power from that. 

I'm really limiting myself to those two builds as pretty much all the other scary 6th ed builds are nerfed..anything TauDar, anything Space Marine/Tau which is what I played, etc.

Now for the fun part..Orks!

The first thing that came to mind was the Ork Dreadnaught.  Sure, vehicles are still fragile but just a little less so with the change to the damage table (plus we still have the KFF).  But what makes the Dreadnaught fun again is that they can be taken as troops!  So now not only can the Dread score objectives, but with a big mek will gain Objective Secured at the same time! That's just freaking awesome as far as I'm concerned.

I'd also like to see Kommandos again, especially Snikrot.  Sure they can't assault but they can still carry 2 burnas and now they can score objectives.  Say playing tactical objective missions, you place as many as you can close to the board edge.  Then Snikrot comes on, taking whatever objective you need for the card you have.  It can be spendy for just one point, but any pressure taken off boys or lootas is worth every lost kommando.

Same goes for Defkoptas. Not as flexible as Snikrot but can turbo-boost to almost any objective on the board.  And if they jink, so what? Just like all Orks making snapshots, you're really not losing much.

Orks don't really have a lot of options for deployment tricks and reserves.  In fact, those two above are it.  However both of them are great options and have their own positives and negatives. 

I might just have break out Snikrot again..before the new book hits.

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