Friday, May 2, 2014

I need to make a post! Ok, not really but tracking painting progress.

I took on another small Imperial fist commission of 3 bikes, a Storm Talon and 11 loose arms/weapons, and with nothing else to do I've been tracking my daily progress.  I should have been taking pictures, but oh well.

Day 1: Pick up mini's after work, Cleaned up a few mold lines, wash and let dry
Day 2 (day off): Prime all mini's, let cure overnight
Day 3 (day off): Base coat all minis with Ushabti Bone
Day 4: block out black areas on bikes, combi-gravs, most of the Storm Talon
Day 5: Wash recesses of bone areas
Day 6/7: Layer up over wash
Day 8: Highlight bone areas, finish glaze
Day 9 (day off): Base the bikes.  After getting back from The Lego Movie, finish base coating bikes, riders and combi-gravs

Progress is going great on the bikes, they will be done in no time.

Then it's time to dive in on the Storm Talon, which really shouldn't be too bad.

Also, in and around this project I built my first Riptide.  Expect to see it in a game soon.

Also, 2500 sub contest announcement tomorrow! Woot!

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