Wednesday, May 28, 2014

7th edition Ork FAQ. Relevant for all of what..3? weeks.

The 7th ed FAQs hit the interwebs today, and after going over the document I've got a couple things to say.

First, that there is nothing in the FAQ that stops all nobs in a unit of nobs (or Paladins for that matter) from being characters.  Yep, the faq that stopped it from happening was in the 6th ed rulebook FAQ, and not the Ork FAQ ..which I just confirmed with the copies of both I have on my computer.  Since the Nobs are specifically listed as Characters in the Ork FAQ.

However, that does not mean..well, anything. Characters (or IC's) no longer have precision shots, wounds from challenges bleed over so no reason to throw a Nob into one to help save the unit, and finally the changes to Look out Sir! means no wound shenanigans. 

So ya, Nob bikers are all characters..for nothing.

Next is the changes to wierdboys.  We can no longer take book powers at all (that goes for Blood Angels and Space Wolves as well).  The warp'ead option is gone replaced with a 25pt upgrade to a level 2. Not bad. They could have kept the warp'ead option as being able to re-roll the power like it was before. 

Still, a level 2 psycher for a mere 75pts is pretty awesome. 

The rest of the FAQ pretty much just reiterates everything in 7th edition language. 

At least we get to keep the Ramshackle table..for now!

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