Friday, May 23, 2014

I finished an actual model kit: Revell EC145 Demonstrator

With 7th edition nigh and unable to work on the Kill Krusha I've worked on other stuff. First was to actually finish my helicopter model.  This was a lot of detail work.   The Badger Minitaire gloss varnish worked better this time but a few spots are still light and not shiny.  It did work very well over the windows though..that made me happy.

Very happy to have this finally complete after so long.

Last few days with not much else to do I've been working on Blood Angels. Yes, actual Blood Angels. With magnets.  I built a tactical squad and 10 more Death company.  I'll probably wait for their new book before painting though, just in case.

I've got another Imperial Fist Storm Talon on it's way soon, plus combing through 7th of course.

More to come!

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