Friday, May 9, 2014

My first adventure with oil paints..and painting log part 2.

I've been working a lot on this commission to get it out of the way and it's really close to done.  Just a couple steps on the Storm Talon then I'll post pics.

First thing is I finally decided to bust out the oil paints I bought a few months ago. I got a set of 12 paints at Michael's for like $5, and then it costs like $10 for a small bottle of oderless thinner. I know I could get more expensive paints, but for just experimenting why bother?

Anyway all I did with the oil paints is the pin washing on the Storm Talon..and the panel lines and such. I hit the whole model with the Badger Minitaire gloss varnish and then use a thin burnt umber and capillary action to get the wash in the lines. Any excess I just wiped away with my finger. It worked great, but now it has to dry.  It added a lot of definition to the model with very little work.

All that is left on this commission is to let the oil paint dry, hit it with Dul-Cote and then glue on the cockpit. 

The paint log:

Day 10 (day off): work on combi-gravs
Day 11: finish combi-gravs, final washes on bikes and riders.  Finish blacking out storm talon, drybrush metal areas, clean up main color, first highlight.
Day 12: Finish paint on bikes and riders and assemble, start cockpit of storm talon
Day 13: Gloss varnish prep for decals. Finish cockpit and pilot, final highlight and first glaze on stormtalon
Day 14: Decals on bikes and combi-gravs  Final glaze and finishing base paint on stormtalon
Day 15: Finish grav guns
Day 16 (day off): final varnish on bikes, arms, grav-guns.  Gloss coat, decals and pin wash on storm talon, finish flying base and cockpit window

So to celebrate finishing off this work, I base coated my Kanvass1 Kill Krusha with Vallejo Model Air black metallic and also worked on the heliocopter some more.

I didn't build this awesome piece, but I need to figure out how to paint it.  It has to be Blood Axe of course, but not sure exactly what I'm going to do yet.

so that's it. Another day another post!

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