Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Holiday gaming!

I got in 2 games on Memorial Day with my Blood Angels, using my shooty style lists.  Both were very solid wins, and I had a lot of fun with all the firepower I brought to the table.

First game was 1500pts:

HQ: Captain, Dual LC, Jump Pack
Troop: 10 Assault, 2x Melta, Fist
Troop (x2): 5 Assault, power weapon, melta, Las-plas
Fast (x2): Baal; HB
Fast: Attack Bike, MM
Elite: Priest x2, 2 power weapons, 1 jump pack
Heavy: Pred, LC
Heavy: Devastators, 4x ML

I played against a super elite Blood Angels list.

HQ: Sanguinor
HQ: Astorath
Troop: 10 Assault, 2 melta, Sgt with plasma pistol and power weapon.
Troop: 6 DC including Lemartes, jump packs
Troop: DC Dread, talons
Heavy: Stormraven, Typhoon

It was Annihilation, DoW.  He put Sanguinor on the table and moved him up a little. I deployed a MSU squad far enough away to avoid the charge.  First turn he moved up a little. When I rolled on, my Baals and jump pack guys killed Sanginor, and the Predator and razorbacks downed the stormraven.  The Death Company and dread did a lot of damage though, killing the devastators, the attack bike, the captain, both priests and jump pack guys, and one of the MSU squads with their razorback.  The re-rolls Lemartes gives them is just amazing, he alone killed 7 assault marines on one charge.

In the end though, I just had more bullets then he had guys, with the Baals putting on average 8 wounds each every turn.  I completely tabled him.

Second game was against Codex Marines @1750

HQ: Pedro

Troop: Tactical, lascannon, melta, rhino with HK
Troop: Tactical, lascannon, flamer, rhino with HK

Elite: 5 Sternguard, 5x combi-melta, las-plas razorback
Elite: Venerable Dread, plasma cannon
Elite: 5 shooty terminators, Assault cannon

Heavy: Devastators, 4x ML
Heavy: LRC, MM

I added a Librarian and 6 DC in a Rhino with a power weapon, and dropped the Attack Bike. Game was pitched battle, capture and control.  I parked a MSU squad on my objective, he parked the Sternguard razorback on his almost directly opposite.  He combat squadded the tacticals, lining up the lascannons and devastators in a firing line.

I got to go first, and took both weapons of the razorback, and stunned a rhino.One MSU with priest and DC rhino ran up the field towards his firebase. He kept the Dread and LR with termies in reserve, which ended up hurting as the dread didn't come in until turn 4, and the LRC on turn 5.  By then I had killed everything else on the table, and lost the jump pack unit to shooting (plasma cannons = bad) and assault from the Dread. The termies came on and were only able to take out a MSU squad and DC rhino before the game ended with me still camping on my objective.  I doubt he could have gotten to me anyway. Having to wait so long for the LRC really ended up being his biggest problem.

Overall I'm very happy so far with my shooty list.  I will be playing my 2k Mephiston version this week, getting ready for OFCC. The best part is if I take this list, I don't have to finish the Stormraven..:)

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