Sunday, May 15, 2011

Play like you have a pair..

This was a game of ups and downs. I went second, and ended up losing my Stormraven before it even moved. Not a good start. However I decided that my army was good enough to go toe-to-toe with the worst that 18 fiends could throw at me. I immediately ran full bore at what I had in front of me. And it worked. First my terminators were able to take down fateweaver, on his turn to boot. What a great way to start a comeback.

The real turning point though was when both harolds moved over and used wind (breath?) of chaos on my assault marines. Out of 13 template hits, he only killed 4 guys. Epically bad rolling. lost a couple more to the S5 AP3 shooting, but the unit held. A couple more fell to the demon prince assault, but I was able to take out the prince with the furioso. If the dread had survived that, it would have been a much worse game then it already was.

My terminators were freaking ace once again. Helped I made a ton of saves though lol. after wiping out the harolds, the terminators took a charge from a unit of fiends. He had to go through terrain so I was able to kill one before he hit. Still, I had to take almost 20 saves ..and made all but 1! I made all the invul saves on my storm shields, and failed 3 armor saves, 2 of which were saved by FNP. FNP terminators is just..OMG. They survived those fiends, then were being whittled down by another unit of fiends when we called it (there was only 1 fiend left). Another good roll, was making 1 invul and 3 armor saves on my priest. Gosh I would kill to give him a storm shield..

My big move though was when a unit of fiends mishapped, and I got to place them. I went for it, and placed them right in front of both Baals and the las-plas razorback. Baal predators are amazing at putting wounds on infantry. With shooting I killed all but 1, and he only had 1 wound left. I then assaulted with the 4 marines, survived, and wiped it out. Amazing yet risky move on my part.

Anyway more projects. Almost done with the XV-9, video part 2 soon. Staring a terrain piece for terrainoob's challenge (it's a small one, won't take long) and making progress on both the stormraven and last razorback.

I also got offered to do a commission. I was really surprised, doing a whole DE army to a tabletop standard. I am way busy, but I told him after OFCC we could talk about it. I could use a few extra bucks!

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