Friday, May 27, 2011

Another loss at the hands of Dark Eldar

But it was a much, much better game then last time.

My list:
HQ: Captain, Dual LC, Jump pack
HQ: Librarian (Shield, Unleash rage)

Troop: 10 Assault marines, 2x melta, fist
Troop (x3): 5 Assault marines, melta, power weapon; Las-plas razorback

Elite: Sanguinary Priest x2, one with jump pack and power weapon, one with power weapon

Heavy: Predator, LC sponsoons
Heavy: Devastators, 4x ML

Fast (x2): Baal, Heavy bolters

So what was so different? Well basically I dropped the stormraven and passengers (termies, dread) for more firepower.  It worked really well against the Dark Eldar, especially with seizing the initiative.  I felt like I could do enough damage (and I did), so that I was able to keep my opponent on his heals. It took 3 full witch squads to take out my jump pack guys..which is a more then I thought. Even at that I could have stayed stuck in one more turn if I had made one more save.  Interesting, eh? 

After the game my opponent and I had a big debate on weather or not I should have moved out of my castle sooner.  Like turn 2.  My side was that running strait into 8 blasters and 20 haywire grenades was no way to win.  I still lost, but a couple of rolls another way would have made it at least a tie if not a win.  It was a loss I didn't feel was a bad loss..just like when I was playing Blood Angels with my Orks at the last tournament. 

I might have been overly focused on destroying vehicles.  Maybe. Maybe I was overly concerned about running up into still formidable firepower. I don't think I could have played much different, except re-position my jump pack guys so they couldn't be assaulted by 2 witch squads the first turn.

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