Friday, May 20, 2011

All or none..

 It seems my Blood Angels are a fickle army. Sometimes they just don't want to work right.  It wasn't dice, it was just simply my list was outmatched. Maybe if I had been a tad less aggressive.  Or maybe even more aggressive.  I'm not sure. I honestly have no idea how or if I could have played this game better. If I had kept my jump guys back a bit more I would have been out of charge range, and that might have changed the game enough to give me a chance. At least I would have been able to shoot a meltagun..maybe.  I thought my list had enough long-range shooting.  But the more I play I realize a lot of that is tied up in the Stormraven..

I like the Stormraven model so much, it's hard to drop it...not sure yet.

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