Thursday, June 2, 2011

Yay I finally beat Dark Eldar!

..only because of how little damage my opponent could do for 3 turns.

Pretty basic mission, killpoints and pitched battle. I honestly spent like 10 minutes at first trying to figure out a deployment and movement strategy. I think I really hate playing against Dark Eldar mainly because I don't know how to play against Dark Eldar.

I'm still liking my shooty list a whole lot more then the Terminator/Stormraven style I had before.  I am thinking about dropping Mephiston for a regular Librarian and more bodies. I could add another assault squad in a razorback (with heavy bolters) or more Death Company or another attack bike (I'd have to paint it though). There are a lot of things I could add with 150pts.

Oh and a treat from the game next to me..another Blood Angels vs Dark Eldar slaughterfest:

Talk about a mess!

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