Thursday, June 23, 2011

Too busy painting to update..

LOL I'm still fucking crazy.  Black Orcs are nearly done, and I have plans do to a lot of airbrushing and washing with the boys to make them go super quick. Plus I'm taking the last 3 days of the month off to paint them Damnit, I'm gonna finish.

Oh, ya, and I'm playing in a 2k 40k tournament on Saturday. I should be painting, but..

Anyway I got a new video camera. Not a great one, not even "new".  I picked up a RCA Small Wonder from a local pawn shop for $40. It takes really decent video for being only VGA.  It runs off 2 AA batteries (which I have lots of NiMh rechargeable already) and uses a MicroSD card. Check it out:

More to come!

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