Monday, June 6, 2011

More changes to the Blood Angels..

I'm really starting to enjoy playing the MSU style lists.  When something dies, it's not as important anymore unlike losing a stormraven with all it's now footslogging passengers.  I played the mephiston list last week and he ended up doing well, but some of that was luck (avoiding an instant-death wound from the archon).  He is a huge point sink which I'm not sure I need.  I'd rather have more stuff I think.  So my latest iteration:

HQ: Captain, jump pack, dual lightning claws, meltabombs
HQ: Librarian, (shield and unleash rage)

Troops: 10 Assault Marines, 2x melta, fist
Troops (x2): 5 Assault Marines, power weapon, metla; Razorback, searchlight, Las-Plas
Troop: 5 Assault Marines, power weapon, Melta; Razorback, searchlight (might do HF if I can convert one up).
Troop: 6 Death company, 1 power weapon, Rhino

Elite: 2 Sanguinary High Priests, one with jump pack, both with power weapons

Fast (x2): Baal; Heavy bolters
Fast: 2 Attack Bikes, MM

Heavy: Predator; LC sponsoons, searchlight
Heavy: Devastators; 4x ML

If I had the money I might go full-on MSU: 6 MSU las-plas squads, 3 dev squads with las-plas with libby and a priest that comes to roughly 1900pts leaving me some wiggle room. Can BA do MSU better then SW? No, but they can do it differently enough that they don't play the same. Grey Hunters are better then assault marines, but I can get FNP & FC. FNP devastators (especially if fearless) isn't something to discount either. Basically the SW version is better, but BA can be more survivable.

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