Thursday, June 2, 2011

50+ models in 30 days!

OK I'm completely freaking nuts.  Building, painting a 500 pt army in 30 days. I'm not talking a table-top quality army either. I want my O&G army to really, really shine.  I almost didn't throw my hat in, but I'm just crazy enough to try it. I honestly don't think I'll get everything done. 

The list I'm buliding:

Orc Big boss: Shield, Orge blade
19 Boyz, additional hand weapon, command
20 Night Goblins, bows
10 Black Orcs, command
Then either a troll or 2 goblin fanatics.

50+ models. New in box. 30 days.  Plus 2 other things to paint as well (buggy, razorback - it's so close I might as well just finish it).  I don't need sleep, right?

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