Thursday, November 24, 2016

On to the next project!

After finishing my Fist of Medusa Strike force (which isn't as competitive as I had hoped!) it's time to decide what to work on next.

First option is to move from the Medusa to a strait up Gladius.  It would require a lot more models, and a lot more Evil Sunz Scarlet.  I think that's not the way I want to go.

Second option is to build up the army I put aside for the Iron Hands - Space Wolves. This would mean adding more Wulfen and Thunderwolves to the stuff I already have.  And lots more Drop Pods. 

Third option and probably the easiest to paint is a making a Lion's Blade force to add to my existing Ravenwing...based largely on the winning LVO army from last year.

Fourth option is to build up the models I purchased earlier in the year - Tau and Necrons.  My idea is to run a Conoptek Harvest along side the Tau.

Last night I even created a first draft of the list:

CaD - Farsight Enclaves
HQ: Cadre Fireblade
Troop: XV8, TL Fusion
Troop: XV8, Flamer
Fast: 4 marker drones
Elite: Riptide, EWO
LoW: Stormsurge, EWO, Shield, TL Airburst frag

Optimized Stealth Cadre
3x Ghostkeel, Cyclic Ion Raker, EWO, Target lock, TL Burst cannon
3x Stealth, fusion
3x Stealth, fusion

Canoptek Harvest
6 Wraiths, whip coils
6 Scarabs

I would have to buy 2 Ghostkeels, the Stormsurge (which I want anyway) and a 2nd box of Wraiths.  Not a lot of boxes but a lot of money!  I'm looking for feedback on how this list would do in current ITC meta...extreme competitiveness.

Getting started on the models I already have!

The 5th option, and probably the one I would want to do most but be the least competitive, is getting Renegade Knights for my Ork army.

So that's where I'm at. I'm going to be working on the stuff I already have while I decide on where to spend money.

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