Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Dark Angels? What is this??

I had this unit of Assault Marines built up at one time with the goal of painting them to try and sell on ebay.  They've been sitting in my project box for months now, and I finally decided to do something with it.

Lately I've had a wild hair to expand on my Dark Angels a little bit.  Kinda like a less- competitive Marine army to have around for fun.  I have my 15 Black Knights and Sammael.  I also picked up this guy from my FLGS for just $6 and then re-based and varnished him.  This makes just the 2nd model I own I didn't paint myself (the first one being Zhadsnark!).

My goal is to eventually add in the entire contents of Dark Vengeance to the army and maybe a Devastator squad (since I have 2 squads of them unbuilt).  I also want the DV chaos stuff to add to my Chaos army as well so someday I'll get a whole set for myself.  That would put me around 1800pts of DA models.  Could be fun to play.

I did manage to finally get my 2nd Stormtalon so that's my next project to finish up the Fist of Medusa Strike Force.

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