Friday, November 4, 2016

Iron Angels take the field!

After months of work I finally put the Iron Angels on the table.

Lacking the 2nd Stormtalon I had to pick another aux choice. I went with Iron Guardians, which is a tactical squad and a dreadnought.  Gave the tactical squad grav and a Rhino, and just a base dread a drop pod.  Had enough points for a 4th libby, giving me a bigger bubble of +1 FNP.

First game against a Necron Decurion.  Sure, not an optimized list but still with the Conoptek Harvest.  Also the player is pretty new to the game as well and his dice were very inconsistent (could not hit in CC, but rarely failed a RP lol) and lastly I rolled pretty much perfect powers with null zone and veil of time.

Didn't lose a single model in the deathstar.  Overall the list was very fun to play and had plenty of firepower and psychic dice.  The 2nd Stormtalon should be on it's way soon!

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