Sunday, November 6, 2016

Kill Team - Ravenwing

There is some sort of Kill Team campaign put on by GW this month, and my FLGS is running one.

First games were Friday night, and I got in 3 games - 2 normal and 1 of the 4-player scenario in the campaign set.

For ease of math and carrying I just brought 5 Black Knights.  Exactly 200pts. Lots of good shooting, CC and survivability.

I won all 3 games, very easily actually.

For specialist I picked one guy with Sharpshooter (ignore cover), one guy with WS5, and one guy with re-roll to wound in CC.  The leader got FNP (we were able to choose our warlord trait).

Turns out TL plasma with ignore cover is HUGE.

The last game there is one objective in the middle and everyone starts in each corner in a tiny 6" bubble. I just moved right to the objective and sat there.  I gave up linebreaker and warlord, but was the only one on the objective at the end.

The campaign allows you to spend additional points, and I have been able to add another Black Knight (from the Ravenwing Command Squad since I can't take another FA).

I thought I didn't stand much of a chance with only 5 models but with a re-rollable cover save from Ravenwing they are very hard to kill.   Plus they are bikes, so plenty fast enough to get in CC when needed.

Very happy with how everything played out, and having a 2nd night of 40k is always a good thing! 

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