Friday, November 11, 2016

My top 5 ships we need in Star Trek: Attack Wing

I haven't posted much about Attack Wing but I'm as passionate about it as ever.

Wizkids has postponed most of the new releases and are currently putting out repaints. Which is fine because most of what is being re-released was hard to get for new players.

But anyway, here is my top 5 ships we NEED in Attack Wing.

5. Husnock ship

"With a single thought, Kevin Uxbridge killed the entire Husnock Race (50 billion lives) everywhere in the universe.  Their powerful ships remain."
This is an interesting one because there can't be any crew or captain cards to go with it as the entire race is dead.  But it could be very powerful addition to the independent faction along the lines of the Prometheus or the Scimitar.

4. Tamarian Vessel

The Tamarian vessel with toe-to-toe with the Enterprise D. It should be a very powerful ship and WizKids (well, a proper writer anyway) could have a lot of fun with it putting all the cards in Tamarian.  Another good ship for the Independent faction....or maybe a big release with enough cards for a new faction!!!

3. Alternate Enterprise-D (Yesterday's Enterprise)

This time we move to the Mirror Universe faction and the Enterprise-D from Yesterday's Enterprise.  This should be a much more heavily armed version of the ship, modified for all-out war with the Klingons.  Also have some bad-ass MU faction cards like a killer Picard so that faction can try and catch up.  I should add that this ship IS coming out, as part of an OP event..but it needs to be a retail ship.

2. U.S.S. Enterprise-C

This won't be the most powerful ship in the game, being it's a 20-year old design but it's something fans desperately want.  Also many more cool cards could be made.  The only ship on this list for Federation faction as well.

1. Future Enterprise-D Galaxy-X Class

This is is. This has to be the most powerful ship in the game.  A cloaking device and the phase cannon would put the PWV above anything else..maybe an 8. However adding a new mechanic..such as a 45 degree arc just for the cannon would be quite intriguing. 

That's it. I know some people would like 1 and 2 switched, but this is MY list after all ;)

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