Sunday, November 20, 2016

Iron Angels at a tournament - Fist of Medusa Strike Force.

Didn't take any pictures today but I went to a 1 day 3 round ITC tournament.  I busted out my second Stormtalon in just one day to get ready.

These 2 things happened:

1. I rolled Veil of Time in every game
2. I went first in every game

Despite that I only went 1-2.

Game 1 vs War Convocation  (scouring)

Pretty straitforward war con list with lots of grav.  after seizing on a 5 because of the knight, rolled up veil and started chomping through the army.  Took the knight down with a combination of drop pod melta and Stormtalons.   Didn't get warlord, but 10-1 win.

Game 2 vs Tau (killpoints)

This was killpoints and he just didn't have that many to give up with a lot of points in a single unit of Ghostkeels and a Stormsurge.

This time I seized on a 4 due to the superheavy and rolling +1 to seize warlord trait.

It took about 4 turns to kill everything I had except the deathstar and in that time I was able to take out the Ghostkeels and 1 Riptide.  He made a bunch of 4+ invuls on the Stormsurge vs grav though for sure.  Ended up running away from me and hiding while getting good malestrom rolls.  Tied on secondary, and I got king of the kill resulting in a 3-7 loss

Game 3 vs Gladius + summoning (emperor's will)

Last game I was getting tired but played it out. He used a librarius conclave to summon a heap of deamons.   He let me go first after bunching up Rhinos in the middle.  The deamons didn't do anything and was used mostly to block movement.  After the first turn he started to split up the transports effectively.  As time was running out the game came down to killing the last 2 regular bikes on my objective while my deathstar held his.  The result was a tie on primary, he took secondary and we both had linebreaker.  Another 3-7 loss.

I'm pretty happy with how everything worked. Considering these were just games #2-4 with the list I still have a lot to figure out, mainly how to deal with more MSU armies. I think concentrating the death star on one flank and literally everything else on another will be something I need to try. 

as a refresher my list was:

Fist of Medusa Strike Force

Core: Battle Demi-Company
Captain: Bike, Artificer armor, Gorgon's Chain, Power fist
Command Squad: Bikes, 4x Storm Shields, Apothecary, 3 power weapons, Thunderhammer, 3 meltabombs
Tactical Squadx5: Melta, Combi-Melta, Drop Pod
Tactical Squadx5: Melta, Combi-Melta, Drop Pod
Tactical Squadx5: Grav Cannon, combi-grav, Rhino
Devastator Squad: 2x Grav Cannon
Bike Squad x4: 2x Grav gun, combi-grav

Command: Librarius Conclave
3x Level 2 Librarian, bikes, 1 with Mindforge Stave

Aux: Raptor Wing
2x Storm Talons, TL Lascannon
Land Speeder, MM, Typhoon Missile

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