Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Who says yellow is hard to paint? - Imperial Fist test model.

I might have a chance to pick up a commission, some Imperial Fists. I read about this method of painting yellow back when the new GW paints first came out, but I had to try it myself to see how it came out.

It is really, really easy to get this quality of yellow. 

White primer. Base color of Ushabti Bone, wash with Agrax Earthshade. Layer back the Ushabti bone, then a 50/50 mix of white and bone, and finally a final highlight of white.  After that, two coats of Lamenters Yellow glaze transforms the model to this color.

I might have to change the ratio on the first highlight.  It showed up really well when painting on, but lost a lot of the change when glazing.  It needs to be more dramatic to survive the glazing process.

I also need more dramatic highlights on the red, especially on the corners of the shoulderpads, but the point was to try the armor scheme..I know how to highlight red.

So that's it for this quick update.  Feedback always welcome!

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