Saturday, July 6, 2013

Quick project - Grot missile launcher

Looking through my box of abandoned projects, I found this little guy I had totally forgotten about.  I bought him from the same place, at the same time, that I bought my rocket-pack Goblins for my Doom Divers. I thought he was too cool to pass up.

Mega Minis is where I got all these guys.  They have thousands of different metal models to choose from, goblins, humans, robots, fantasy, sci-fi, scenery, accessories, etc.

Or they did.  I went to there ebay store, found it empty. Checked out the website and it says they are closing at the end of the year!  They are still in business for now so most of the catalog is available and some stuff is getting sold to other companies. I would highly recommend taking a look at what they have and buy what you need now!

So anyway, back to this guy.  He's just too awesome.  Painted him like the rest of my grots, and he'll be manning a lobba or kannon soon enough.

Love the happy face on the back.  How appropriate is seeing a smile before getting blown up!!

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