Monday, July 29, 2013

Let the hobby ADD continue..Meganob, Vengeance Weapons Battery

After dry brushing metalics on my weapons batteries, I stared at them for a while unable to decide how to go further. So I started doing other stuff.

First, I finished my OFCC display board by gluing together and to the board the frame.  The $8 I spent on the miter box was totally worth it.

Then I started going through my project box, and instead of going to bed I pulled out a long-forgotten Meganob and started painting.   This was mostly driven by a weird desire to run Ghazzy and Farsight in the same list..

Tonight I finished the Meganob, that gives me 5 total.  I use Tin Bitz for the color, which is one of my favorite colors of all time. My current pot is nearly dead, but I have a brand new one hiding, waiting for the day it's needed. Tomorrow? I need to build a list lol.

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