Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Digging through the project box..Hobby ADD: Tau Pathfinder

Today, another day..another random model painted!

This time, it was a Tau Pathfinder I didn't even know I had until couple days ago!  I was going through my Tau stuff and found this guy in the bits. The only thing wrong with him is that the tab had come off the bottom.

I remember at the time, being unable to know how to get around that problem..seems so odd now as simple pinning fixed it.   That was more then 4 years ago however.

Not only the modeling, but the painting. Nothing really wrong with the paint on my Tau despite being so long ago, but I do notice the paint isn't thinned well and the edge highlights aren't great..probably from trying to use a crappy brush.  This guy is miles ahead of where I was then.

Anyway not very exciting but to me a very interesting note on hobby progression.

Pic, then bed. 

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