Saturday, July 27, 2013

Hobby ADD kicks in again - Cynar models based!

Last couple of days I've been wondering between projects.  Yesterday I worked on my next 5 Grey Hunters. I based and washed them, then pulled off the non-helmeted heads and painted those. Then started working on some dry brushing.

I got bored with that. However I did it mainly to try out my new GW dry brush. I have been using flat, cheap synthetic brushes for drybrushing but they die very, very quickly. My goal was to see if the GW one would last any length of time. I have more to do to find out for sure, but I can say the results are miles ahead of the cheap flat brush. I'm going to try a cheap round brush to see if it gives the same results.

Today I started by priming my Vengeance Weapon Batteries. I was going to start painting them, but have not decided fully on what exactly I'm going to do with them.  So I started organizing my hobby stuff..starting with my resin bases.

Which lead me, irrevocably, here.  I found the resin bases I bought for my Cynar that I had completely forgotten about. So I grabbed them, some plasticard and went ahead and based all my models. I really, really wish I had the money to finish buying my 35pts. Sigh.  Anyway I have a nice industrial decking theme from the resin bases I did buy, and just built my own for the rest.

So that's it for now.  I can't seem to concentrate on any one project long enough to finish it. 

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