Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tau: second take after my first game.

So I played one game, of all things against another Tau army.  Let me tell you, Tau are *Brutal*, and Tau vs Tau fights will come down to who goes first...

I learned a lot from this game, especially how badly put together my first list is.  I was trying to spread out the markerlights around the whole army so that I would always have some. But it turns out when you do this, you take away alot ..if not most..of your killing power.  It just does not work out very well.

The only thing that worked as planned was the Piranhas. They are great at a fast moving infantry killer.  I will keep those.  The flyer sounds good, but 6 S7 shots for the points probably isn't worth it.  I'd rather go with velocity trackers.

Going up against markerlights is too hard.  There is so much shooting both quality and quantity in a Tau list combined with no cover save and a BS boost that no unit can survive.

So the way to build a list is to have discreet units of markerlights and killing power. 

There are a couple of things in the book which are are just broken.

First is the missile broadside.  For 89 whole points you get TWELVE freaking shots.
Second is marker drones with a battlesuit commander and a drone controller. Give the guy iridium armor so he's T5 so he's a great shield. A unit of BS5 marker drones that can move-shoot-move is just CRAZY.  oh, and they are CHEAP! And there is no longer a BS5 limit on markerlight shots.  Last night I got hit with a BS10 riptide that ignored cover...

Second try list is coming soon. Man, I really want more play time right now to do some testing.

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