Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A sad day indeed...

Never before the release of the Tau codex would I have imagined this day would come.  It really saddens me.

Tonight I tore off the railguns from my Broadsides.  Cleaned up the superglue, put in magnets and then painted over the scars like they had never been there.

It's hard for me to call it a nerf, considering just how overpowered broadsides have been in 6th.  Especially against Bastions..teehee.. even more so combined with 30 lootas..teeheehee..

You can just see the sadness in their faces..

I'm still working on scratch building some high-yield missile pods, but what I came up with so far is way out of scale to the crisis suit..even though it's probably close to the size of the actual bit from the new Broadside. So for now I'll just pop on some missile pods I have already.

Now I really need to re-think the allies for my Ork army, and what I'm going to do about AV14.  S10 broadsides have served me so incredibly well over the last 10 months I'm almost at a loss on what to do next.  Maybe I'll go with the Chaos Space Marine thing taking some meltaguns.

Anyway off to bed, ready for game night..

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