Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tau Cadre Fireblade complete!

Finished up this guy tonight.  First of the new models, but not the last for sure. I only have a Farsight for now, but I'll be getting more as soon as the restocks come in to my FLGS. 

This is a GREAT model. I love the dynamic pose, love the complex armor and the cloak.  I combined techniques on it, going for a blend on the cape but line highlighting the armor.   The base color is the old GW foundation paint Fenris Grey, which (fortunately) I bought a new pot just before the paint line I have plenty for a Riptide.

I should say this guy is very easy to paint, even with the cloak assembled I had no issues reaching everything that needed paint.  IMO the single-model plastic blisters is some of the best stuff GW is doing right now, and the Fireblade is a testament to that.

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