Thursday, April 18, 2013

1250pt Tau tournament list

Yay! I got permission to head on down to Ancient Wonders for a 1250pt tournament.  Just for fun, no entry fee and no prizes.  Love playing there though, I've always had good games.

Just paring down my current list. I'm surprised how much of it I was actually able to get in.

HQ (60): Cadre Fireblade

Troop (125): 11 Firewarriors; Shas'ui w/Markerlight, blacksun filter
Troop (159): 6 Firewarriors, carbines; Devilfish with SMS, disruption pod
Troop (129): 17 Kroot, sniper rounds; 2 kroot hounds

Elite (94): 2x XV8 each with flamer and TL-Plasma

Fast (87): 7x Pathfinders, Sash'ui
Fast (195) 3x Piranha, 3x Fusion blasters, 3x disruption pods
 (Ya it's an expensive unit)

Heavy (170): 2x XV88, 2x HYMP, 2x Velocity tracker
Heavy (131): Skyray, disruption pod, blacksun filter

Fortification (100): Aegis w/quad-gun

1250 exactly

I have a lot of skyfire for 1250pts. I'm thinking someone might try to get in 1 or 2 flyers, as most armies can't deal with them at that points level.  Tau can.

The Piranhas are expensive. However it does give me 2 units.  Because they are taking fusion blasters, there is no reason to keep the gun drones attached. They will detach right away, and try to sneak up for contesting or other shenanigans, and if they die, it's irrelevant.

Pretty happy with this. We'll see how it goes.

Getting close to finishing cleaning up Farsight. He's not as perfect as I originally though, but it's still a very good casting.

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