Friday, April 12, 2013

Tau hybrid list take 2 (1750pts)

Here is my updated list based on the lessons learned in my first game.

I call it hybrid because it has a mix of static and mobile units.  Tau have units that excel at one or the other, and finding the right mix is hard.  I plan on trying out both static and mobile lists as well.

HQ (183): Crisis commander; Iridium armor, drone controller, cyclic ion blaster, missile pod, shield generator, target lock, onager gauntlet.
-His job is to lead the target drones and lend them his BS5

HQ (60): Cadre Fireblade
-same job as before!  Just too good and too cheap not to take!

 Troop (134): 12 Firewarriors; Shas'ui w/Markerlight, blacksun filter
-Goes with the Fireblade

Troop (159): 6 Firewarriors, Devilfish with SMS, disruption pod
-Mobile objective taker

Troop (120): 20 Kroot
-giving these guys another shot, but without the sniper rounds they are more flexible

Elite (94): 2xXV8; 2x TL plasma, 2x Flamer
-suicide deep strike unit. Could go with fusion if I can find the points

Fast (165): 3x Piranha, 3x disruption pods
-Really like how these guys worked out. 

Fast (120): 10x pathfinders, Shas'ui

Fast (96): 8x Marker drones

Heavy (194): 2x XV88, 2x HYMP, 2x Velocity tracker, 2x missile drones
-broadsides are primary damage units until I get a Riptide

Heavy (194): 2x XV88, 2x HYMP, 2x Velocity tracker, 2x missile drones

Heavy (131): Skyray, disruption pod, blacksun filter

Aegis (100): quad gun

1750 exactly

So that's the new version.  Still have a backfield unit, a couple mobile units and a couple that have flexible deployment options. 

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