Saturday, August 18, 2012

Where has all the close combat gone?

After posting my latest bat rep, against Tyranids (which I was really worried about btw), a commenter asked if there was just one close combat in the game.

Actually there were 2.

6 turns. 2 charges + 1 failed charge.  From Orks and Tyranids. What. the. hell.

The comment really got me thinking about the way I play my army and 6th ed in general.  It is true I have not played my army as close-combat centric in a very long time, but it was never to the point of avoiding combat. In fact my whole plan was to use shooting to soften up units to get ready for the boys smash phase of the game.  I usually moved the boys up getting ready for charging (except against purifiers of course). 

Not anymore. I've been very content with sitting the boys back and just shooting. Just as a side note, I've actually been using big shootas again, first time in a very, very long time and liking them.  Originally I only took the big shootas in one unit because I have the points for rokkits.  I hated big shootas in 5th, always opting for rokkits in the boys squads or nothing at all.  Against these 'nids, I actually benefited from the range. If we see more infantry-heavy armies in 6th, going with big shootas might not be a bad idea.

But anyway back on topic.  Almost every game of 6th I've played, the boys really have not done much. Only the one game against SM/GK's have they really gotten into combat.  I feel like this is where I need to spend most of my time practicing, is what to do with the boys.  They don't take any fire as long a the nob bikers are alive, giving me a chance to reposition or threaten whatever I want to while the nobs are the focus of my opponent, which I have really yet to take advantage of.   The boys are also good at protecting "da wall of awesum", which is important to my game plan.  Of course not every build out there can threaten the lootas, so it's something to worry about on a game-by-game basis.

Even as I go back over the game and look at what the nob bikers have actually done, it really isn't much.  They simply don't get a chance to kill many units, because so much firepower is being poured into them.  Almost all my damage is done by..lootas.  Which is all the more reason why I need to learn how to use the boys the best way possible.

However, all this lamenting over a lack of close combat might be just hand-wringing.  For now at least, shooting is king of 6th.  Trying to go against that trend might work, might not.

I mean I have yet to lose a 6th ed game, so I guess I must be doing something more or less right (along with a lot of luck as well).

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