Saturday, August 18, 2012

Continuing to work on old projects..return of the Jet Battlewagon

My latest video, showing me working on my jet battlewagon which hasn't been touched in a very long time.

I've been working on it since then, and have most of the chipping done on the tank itself.

Next step was to try a wash. I need to add depth, dirty it up and fill in the panel lines.  All this without getting rid of the color graduations I worked so hard to create.

It did work out using a slightly thinned-down devlan mud.  Of course I might have to do the main body in the new earthshade color as I'm almost out of devlan mud.

I really like how it turned out, getting everything I wanted.

Next step will be a light drybrushing of chainmail on the edges, and maybe some black streaks.

I hope to have this cranked out really soon, really does not have much to do.  Then I need a model for next month's freebootaz challenge.

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