Sunday, August 19, 2012

Jet Wagon progress and special rules! Ludicrous speed!

Working on my jet battlewagon tonight. I finished all the bits for it, so just need to do the main body.

Also might need some way to break up the red a little more. Thinking some decals. Not sure yet.

I put it all together for this pic, and suddenly thought this thing is so awesome it needs it's own rules!



Type: Vehicle (tank, open topped, transport)
14/12/10, 4HP
Wargear: None
Transport Capacity: 20

Special rules: Ludicrous speed!, Emergency stop!

Ludicrous speed!
The JetWagon is so fast as to be just a blur on the battlefield, frequently flying through the air instead of keeping the wheels on the ground!
-Any turn the JetWagon moves more then 6" in the movement phase, it must move flat-out in the shooting phase.
-If the JetWagon makes a flat-out move, it must move 18", and must do so in a strait line. In addition, when moving flat out it gains the Jink special rule. 
-If the JetWagon fails a dangerous terrain test when moving flat out, it does not stop. Instead it finishes it's move and then is destroyed, but rolls on the ramshackle table to resolve the destruction.
-If a flat-out move moves the JetWagon off the table, it is allowed to leave and enters ongoing reserve.
-If moving flat-out, the JetWagon moves over enemy and friendly models as if it was a skimmer.
-If moving flat out, in the following movement phase the JetWagon is allowed a single turn of up to 90 degrees and then must move 12", but may attempt an emergency stop!

Emergency stop!
Roll a d6, on a 4+ the emergency stop! fails, the JetWagon takes a hull point in damage and follows the rules for Ludicrous speed!  On a 1-3, the JetWagon can act normally, ie move up to 6" and passengers may disembark and assault, etc.

May add up to 4 weapons:
Big shoota +5pts
Rokkit Launcha +10pts
TL Shootas +5pts
Skorcha +5pts

May add up to 1 main weapon:
Kannon +10pts
Lobba +15pts
Zzap gun +15pts

May take one of each of the following:
Armor plates +10pts
Grot Riggers +5pts
Red paint job +5pts
Reinforced Ram +5pts

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