Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It seems I've been playing 6th for the last year and half..

6th edition is very new, and most everything will change over time as new faq's and codex's drop. So I've been playing some practice games over the last month, getting ready for the August league at Guardian Games.

I've been basically tweaking my 5th edition list, and I'm really liking how it's going. I didn't have to throw out everything I had been doing for the edition change.  I guess it seems I've been playing 6th edition for the last year and half :)

Dropping from 2k to 1750 pretty much means I had to drop my allies. But I think I'll survive that, despite not being able to hurt a bastion at range. I don't expect too many of them at 1750 anyway.

Here is what I'll be running for competitive play this month:

HQ: Big Mek, KFF, bosspole (90)
HQ: Warboss, Bike, pk, squig, bosspole, cybork, bosspole (155)

Troop: 30 boys, shootas, 3x rokkit, nob w/PK & bosspole (250)
Troop: 30 boys, shootas, 3x big shootas, nob w/PK & bosspole (235)
Troop: 7 nob bikers, 2x PK, 1x big choppa, 1x waggh! banner, painboy, cyborks (450)

Elite: 10 lootas (150)
Elite: 10 lootas (150)
Elite:  9 lootas (135)

Heavy: 3x lobba, 3x ammo runts (84)

Fortification: Da wall of awesum (aegis defense line) (50)


It's all pretty strait forward. The lootas hide behind DWoA (hehe) getting a 2+ cover save when needed. The nob bikers rush forward as both hammer and distraction. I'd rather have people shooting at the nobs then the lootas.  Most of the time the nobs don't last long, usually by the 3rd turn only the boss and painboy remain.  But when that happens everything else in my army is untouched and the lootas have been blasting away at threats.

The boys almost seem..unnecessary.  Seems weird to say that, huh?  They usually spend the game running up to die or sitting back and waiting.  

Anyway I'm just blowing stuff off the table time and time again. I'm fearing the lack of psychic defense, but you can't have everything..

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