Friday, August 24, 2012

The need for psychic defense

Over the last 2 games I've lost 7 nob bikers and the warboss to psychic powers.

Basically Jaws of the World Wolf lost me this game. all by itself. If I had made even statistical saves on it, my nobs would have had a good shot at killing all my opponent's scoring units. Necrons are scary at range, not so much up close and personal.

I've thought about the need for psychic defense, but now I've played more the need is clear. 

If you run nob bikers that is, if you don't then it isn't anywhere near as bad.  Enfeeble makes nob bikers weak to S8 again.  JoWW of course is just bad news in general.  I'm sure there are more including the totally unneeded Terrify.

I see two valid options for adding defense as allies:

Option 1: Space Wolves

HQ: Rune Priest 100pts
Troop: 5 Grey Hunters, 1 meltagun 80pts

stops all powers on a 4+
useful as an offensive unit
Really good powers
I already own the models (no cash needed!)
A bit cheaper in points

limited range

Option 2: Eldar

HQ: Farseer, Runes of warding, Doom (95)
Troop: 5 Rangers (95)

No need to put models in harm's way

Not that useful outside the runes
I have to spend money
Depends on opponent's rolling instead of mine

Overall I think the Eldar are better, simply because the farseer can hide and still do it's job.

So for now I'm going to put together the Space Wolves (converting a priest from the space wolves box) and I'll try that out.  Depending on the points level of the Bay Area Open, I'll have to go for some Edlar.

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