Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hobby update: Dark Eldar, project box clean-out

After digging through my project box, I decided to work on a couple things.

First is the Ork Stompa commander. he's all done, a few layers and highlights here and there.

Next is the Dwarf captain model. he's all done. I wanted to dive into this a bit more but the model just didn't lend itself  to too much detail.  I did blend the fur cloak and did some zenith highlighting on the armor.  I went with a Caucasian skin mainly to make it stand out from the otherwise grimdark paint job.   The red gems and bright gold were done with the same idea. I do like how the grey hair turned out.

And finally starting in on the Dark Eldar Venom for Toys for Tots. It's a new experience for me, never done elves before, but not any harder then grots.  The gunner is almost done, the guns as well. After that is the flag and then breaking out the airbrush for the body.

Very fun to paint, that's for sure. Love the hair color, again chosen mainly to provide contrast to the otherwise dark paint scheme.

That's all for now.

Still open for commission.  Check out the pricing on the services tab and contact me at

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