Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Warhammer 40k 8th edition Ork commentary: Forgeworld units.

I finally picked up a copy of the Forgeworld index, and I have to say I can't complain too much. I like a lot of things in there for sure.

Kill tank comes out of the bottom of the box!

1. Zhadsnark
Not needing to change slots around anymore, he does not need that rule anymore. A bit faster than normal bikes, and Da Rippa does not suffer a penalty to hit and can do mortal wounds. Well priced. Overall, if you're going to run a warboss on bike run Zhadsnark instead.

2. Buzgob
just a mek with a few more attacks from his fixin' bits. uninspired

3. Grot tanks
Super cheap with a 6++.  I need to get and try some of these.

4. Grot mega tank
Lots of dakka

5. Squiggoth
Excellent. Decent T, W, and no require wargear. Mortal wounds on the charge.  Can shoot out of the howdah even when locked in combat.

6. Meka Dred
No mega dred, but can come close with this. Can get pretty spendy

7. Big Trakk.
well priced, lots of options including the amazing supa skorcha. 

8. Kill tank
The king of the index IMO.  Super dakka, lots of wounds, bs 4+ base. Incredibly well priced for what you get.

9. Battlewagon varients
Either with supa-kannon or lifta-droppa.  meh.

10 Kustom Stompa
More expensive than a stompa, no shields.  Not impressed

11. Warcopter
Easier to kill than a trukk, twice as expensive and not that much faster. Needs to be a 20-60 move with hover instead.

12. Gargantuan Squiggoth
Absolutely outstanding.  Half the price of a stompa and only 5 less wounds. TON of dakka. Ton of attacks.  Can shoot while in combat, as can the passengers. 

Just a quick overview. Lots of things were not included..and I mean A LOT.  I think they only did the units that have current models, which is quite disappointing.

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