Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Return balance to the list: 40k 8th edition Orks.

So what have we learned so far?

1. Da Jump is awesome
2. Loota-wagon is broken
3. Bikes are fast

So why not combine them all?

The idea here is to base a fast-moving Bike Star with the loota-wagon and some general protection for everything.

Battalion Detachment
HQ: Warboss on bike, pk
HQ: Mek on bike, KFF
HQ: Wierdboy

Troops: 30 shootas, 3xrokkits, nob w/pk
Troops: 30 shootas, 3xrokkits, nob
Troops: 22 grots

Fast: 12 warbikes, nob w/pk

Elite: Painboy on Bike

Flyer: Dakkajet, 6xsoopashootas

Spearhead Detachment
HQ: Mek, KFF

Heavy: battlewagon, deffrolla
Heavy: 5 lootas
Heavy: 5 lootas
Heavy: 8 lootas

Elite: Runtherd, squighound

This gives me basically 3 positions on the field.  The first is the highly mobile and effective bike star, 60 boys with a wierdboy to power Da Jump, and lastly the all-powerful loota-wagon with a grot screen.  Lots of firepower, decent close combat and really no static units - Wierdboy can climb in the wagon after the 2nd Da Jump if needed lol.

So this list is my next game and It's got a nice balance of elements but still has 11 drops. Need to see if I can drop that down.

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